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CUSTOM Apparel

Capture 6.PNG
"One more time" black logo 
White long sleeve
Capture 9.PNG
"arrow" white logo on charcoal long sleeve
Capture 2.PNG
Capture 7.PNG
"ebbs and flows" white logo on grey long sleeve w/hood
Capture 4.PNG
"transformer" white logo on black short sleeve
"one more time" white logo on charcoal long sleeve w/ hood
Capture 5.PNG
"transformer" Black logo on grey short sleeve
Capture 8.PNG
"One more time" blue logo on black hoodie
How this works 
Order form is emailed to Shelby's Sassy Designs in Emporia who will be handling your order. 
They will contact you via email. Invoices may be sent via email or paid for at time of pickup. Orders are available to pickup at their downtown location or shipping is also available. 
Please fill out a separate order form for each piece of apparel. Thank you so much for your support!

Order Form

Choose your Apparel
Choose your Size
Choose your Color
Choose your Logo/Logos
Choose your Logo Color

Your order has been sent!

Shelby's Sassy Designs will be contacting you soon!

Thank you!

Don't see what you'd like? Completely custom designs / different shirt styles available upon request! 
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