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Sport Specific Training 
$60 per session
90 min sessions
Focusing on
  •  building a base of strength and stability
  • learning lifts used in collegiate programs
  • speed and power development
  • injury prevention

Athletic sessions are tailored to the competitive athlete. These sessions are longer and include a much different array of exercises than a normal personal training session. All exercises done are individually chosen for each athlete specifically focusing on strengthening any weaknesses and continuing to play to strengths. These sessions also include PREhab type exercises, meaning exercises to help prevent injury and promote longevity. 

I was blessed in high school to have a very good weight lifting coach, and an amazing track and field coach. These two set a great foundation for my collegiate career. Having been through a wildly successful junior college program with another extremely gifted coach at Johnson County Community College, and moving on as a scholarship D1 athlete to Wichita State University, I learned many of my own short comings in my training and as an athlete. I now use this knowledge to make sure my own athletes are more prepared than I was. I am the current Emporia State Track and Field Jumps Coach. 

As you will notice I mention my coaches when referring to my successes. These people are instrumental in developing athletes. One good knowledgeable coach can make all the difference, and I strive to be that for my athletes. 




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