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Do I need Training?

The human body was built to move, to be active, to fight to survive. Due to our many technological advancements, and the rise of the "desk job" most people are moving less than EVER. This lack of movement and proper exercise can lead to a myriad of health problems.

You need training for the same reason you need a mechanic to work on your car, or an accountant to do your taxes. Simply put, you are not an expert. AND THAT'S OK!! The first step in making a change is accepting you need change, and accepting that you need guidance to make that change successfully.

There are many cookie cutter programs out there to build bigger arms or a bigger butt, however, there are very few PERSONALIZED programs advertised. You've probably tried the cookie cutter approach; it doesn't work!


Personalized programs require in-depth knowledge about YOU. This takes time and limits the number of clients a coach can take on at once. Eklund Training provides personalized programming, the best option for those serious about seeing results and changing their habits.

The real question is what TYPE of training is best for your needs.

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