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If you don't already know me, my name is Kaylee Eklund. I am an A.C.E. certified, full time personal trainer, as well as an athletic development and performance coach.

I was a Division 1 track and field pole vaulter, moved to Arizona to compete post collegiate after earning my degree and recently moved back home to continue growing my business.I have trained and coached all levels of athletes ranging from middle school to college. I have been in the Health and Fitness industry for five years and have worked in all levels from sales to management to personal training.

I offer personal training at my own co-owned private facility in Emporia, Kansas. I also offer training for competitive athletes which focuses on speed and power development, correcting imbalances, and promotes injury prevention and longevity. 

For those of you who may not need (or want) in person training, I also offer completely customized Online Personal Training. Everyone should have access to a thought-out program that is in line with their goals and makes sense for their body. Eklund Training Online does just that.

To clear up some common misconceptions : Cardio machines are not going to drastically alter your body composition. A free program off the internet is not the best fit for you. Body building websites are not the best source of information. Your body is different from everyone else's, you see results differently from your friends. Reaching your goals will likely take longer and look differently than you expect. 

If you want to feel confident about what you are doing in the gym and know it is in line with your goals, take a look at my services and decide which is a good fit for YOU. 

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